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Coin Supply: 8378029.773137 RC BitCoin USD $ 7111 USD - RUR 1:59.3316 RC 1191 sats (BTC) Blocks: 823049

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Russia Coin November 2017

Year 4 Update:


Version 1.2 was released on GitHub on the 12th of June 2017 while the website is in the process of getting a spring clean and dusting.

API provided information via

Supported API's:

Addresses are in the format



Market Cap: BTC 82.1869 ( about $ 555,500 USD )

Two Market Cap sites that we know about
  1. Coin Market Cap dot Com:
  2. Coin Markets dot CO dot UK:
are there any others? Please advise...

Paper Wallets:

There is a website for universal wallets at
Select 60 as decimal version and you can create paper wallets for RussiaCoin.


Quote 2017 Wallet Update - fixes issues eg with block chain downloads to prevent staking (forking issues) until whole block chain has downloaded.

Basically, because of the initial whales at launch there were multiple forks that occurred resulting in some issues with the block chain failing at various points eg 21,181 etc. The chain still downloads, but through a convoluted series of coding issues, *all* the various forks were downloaded.

This release fixes those issues.


On the To Do list are the various Windows / Mac / Linux versions to put through.

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Updated on ... 9th November, 2017